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Looking for a partner that specializes in marketing and sales to veterinarians and wholesalers with focus on companion animals

  • Marketing, Sales, PR and communication
  • Animal Medicines
  • North America
  • 08/22/2013


A novel non-pharmaceutical prophylaxis/treatment product for ear problems in companion animals.

The product is used to normalize the micro flora in the ear canal of companion animals, especially dogs. With this product, dogs that are prone to get otitis will have a better chance to avoid getting the decease. The product has a triple action that holds down the pathogen load. For the animal it is a non-evasive application making it easy on both the pet and the owner.

There are two presentations where one is a dosing device/applicator, which holds a patent in the US. Patent is pending for the composition of the product.

The product is sold to veterinarians in Europe as well as direct to pet owners.

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