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Looking for CRO for toxicological studies in mice

  • Academic collaboration, GLP services, Pre-clinical development and testing, pre-clinical CRO
  • Human Medicines
  • Worldwide
  • 02/01/2017


We are a biotechnology company in Munich Area, Germany. We develop molecules for autoimmune diseases, viral infections and oncology.

We are looking for a contract research organization (worldwide) to support our toxicological studies in mice. We have a short, two week protocol that should asses several toxicological parameters after sub cutaneous substance application.

The study should assess 20-30 substances per year. Each substance is applied in two doses, into a wild type mouse group of 5 animals (females 6-8weeks). The application within the first week is taking place every day for 5 consequtive days. In the second week substance is applied three times a week, every second day. Terminal analysis includes blood cell analysis, serum analysis for several parameters (ALT, AST, CK, Urea etc...) and dissection of liver, kidney, spleen, small intestine and heart. One part of organs are snapforzen and the other is paraformaldehyde embeded and shipped back to us.

We are open to discuss all details with the future partner and are looking forward to quotations.

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