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looking for Nanobody library screening

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  • 10/18/2014


Our group is planning to generate an agonistic functional antibody using Nanobody.

We have synthesized two kinds of peptides as antigens (naive forms).

Briefly, the overview of our project is as the following;

1. We want to find top 3~5 single domain antibodies with the highest affinity to those antigens, respectively (total up to 10 different constructs). AND

2. We want to get the DNA sequence information of those constructs. We also want to get DNA constructs (i.e., in forms of plasmid) of those antibodies, if possible.

Inquiries for your company are the followings;

1. As I know immunized library construction is the best option in this kind of project.

Problem, however, is that the amino acid sequences we are targeting are the same in human and camel.

1) is immunization still effective even in this situation?

2) Can it be an alternative option to use the premade single domain antibody libraries?

How much will it cost, and how long will it take, to complete the project in each way of library screening, respectivey?

(Immunized library construction vs.premade single domain antibody libraries)?

2. We found an EXPIRED U.S. patent which is about a series of monoclonal human IgGs that have the same functional biologic activity we want

1) Using the amino acid sequences of VH and VL chains in the patent document, is it possible to construct a library of single domain antibodies?

2) Also, how much will it cost, and how long will it take, to complete the project in this way?

We inquire for the cost of each component added, as well as the total expense.

Additionally, we ask, in respect of patency (or general legal problems), the limitation of application in the use of purchased single domain antibodies .

I am expecting urgent and in-detail reply

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