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Looking for provider for peptide formulation

  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging, Formulation development and drug delivery, Analytical laboratory and testing services
  • Human Medicines, Biopharmaceuticals
  • Worldwide
  • 11/09/2012


We are currently completing a project to help a client accelerate their current development efforts of a new dosage form of an existing peptide. We need assistance with formulation-related activities (since the manufacturing process of the peptide is in place, we do not need help formulating or manufacturing the peptide that is the active ingredient in the product). We plan to:

1. Transfer existing analytical method for the peptide assay, do pre-validation work and adapt for use with new formulations (our current plan is to have this completed by an analytical lab we have worked with on many projects)

2. Complete rapid compatibility testing of potential ingredients

3. Complete pre-formulation activities

4. Assess range of alternative formulations and perform accelerated stability testing of promising formulation prototypes

The key services we are interested in provider´s ability include:

• Performing ingredient compatibility testing, e.g., Additional preservatives in case one of the preservatives is not compatible with the peptides and Other ingredients that seem suitable for a potential formulation
• Completing pre-formulation testing to assess benefits of adding various levels of potential ingredients at optimal pH levels, e.g Surfactants, Cosolvents, Combination of surfactants and cosolvents & Other ingredients we believe may provide benefits.

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