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Looking for supplier or manufacturer of oncology injectable drugs

  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Europe, North America, Australia & New Zealand
  • 03/28/2013


We are looking for suppliers or manufacturers of following oncology injectable drugs (required quantity 10.000 units or more):

Azathioprine 100mg // Idarubicin HCl 5mg,10mg // Bevacizumab 25mg/ml // Ifosfamide 1gm // Dactinomycin 0.5mg // Irinotecan HCL 100mg // Doxorubicin 10mg,50mg // Melphalan 50mg // Doxorubicin Liposomal 20mg/10ml // Mitoxantrone 2mg/ml // Epirubicin HCl 10mg,50mg // Rituximab 10mg/ml // Trastuzumab 150mg, 440mg

Further requirements see below.


  • Letter of authorization to register the drugs available
  • EU or USFDA approved
  • Currently selling these drugs in Europe or USA

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