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General Pharmaceuticals

Logo General Pharmaceuticals
  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Asia

We are a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh with nearly 2,500 dedicated employees. We work to prevent and treat the diseases we know about today, as well as those we may face tomorrow. We are committed to developing safe and effective medicines, to ensure healthy living of patients and their families. As the science of human health and well-being has grown, we’ve been able to grow along with it. We credit our strength and endurance to a consistent approach to managing our business, and to the character of our people. We are guided in everything we do by our motto “Healthy Life, Healthy Living”. Our focus directs towards continuous evolution of medicinal products for ailing humanity. Our range of products contributes virtually all the therapeutic classes. We are continuously searching for better and safer drugs for the patients. We train our people, manage our business and excel in customer relationship to deliver highest standard of trust and reliability. We are always striving to make a difference. This sheer passion for healthcare attracts and keeps best in class people, who above all else are dedicated for healthcare service. More »


  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Europe, Asia

At the hour of the development of new technologies and new services in the worldwide innovation market, market and business intelligence has never been so necessary. In a globalized world where the economic-technological war beats its drum, differentiation is a major asset. This is why our job is to chart and analyze, in an objective and exhaustive way, all players and technologies of the market in order to establish a powerful market-oriented strategy. We are a market and business intelligence company with offices in France, Switzerland and Israel. As an advisory services company, it boosts companies to develop revenue and growth by providing business and marketing services in the life science and biotech markets (market surveys, market scouting, business development and strategic supports). The company provides to small, medium and large companies technology-based business development support to identify new customers and also to fine-tune a business strategy. Typically, the company interacts with its clients as business development or executive partners to maximize effectiveness and minimize risks to sound out international markets (WOI - Window Opportunity Identification). More »

Kekule Pharma Ltd

Logo Kekule Pharma Ltd
  • Sourcing of APIs, Excipients, Intermediates, bulk drugs
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Asia

We are a leading intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturing company specializing in the development of innovative processes for the synthesis of a wide range of products. We also undertake custom synthesis and contract manufacturing. Value creation for our customers is at the core of what we do. We achieve this through partnership with our customers and supporting them in meeting their goals in terms of quality, time and costs. Based in Hyderabad, the pharma hub of India, we have made our presence felt in the highly competitive field of APIs and intermediates, by offering customers the highest quality, cost-competitive products with a short development time. More »

Guangzhou Topwork Chemical Co. Ltd.

Logo Guangzhou Topwork Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
  • Human Medicines
  • Asia

The company Specializes in manufacturing corticosteroid and relative intermediates. We provide high quality products and excellent service to our clients and have gained a high business reputation in the world market. More »

Good Compliance Services Pvt Limited

Logo Good Compliance Services Pvt Limited
  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
  • Human Medicines
  • Asia

We are an organisation that brings a collective experience of over 200 years in the product regulatory compliance domain. Quality and Innovation are the cornerstones. Our in-house quality management systems are developed to be in line with expectations of competent authorities that manage the pharmaceutical industry in their respective markets. More »

Nutragen Pharma

Logo Nutragen Pharma
  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Asia

We are a global contract manufacturer established in 2005 with an intention to provide high quality finished Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products with utmost customer satisfaction. We help our customers across the health care industry find answers to the challenges they face and improve the quality of care for their patients. More »

Pharma Focus Israel

Logo Pharma Focus Israel
  • Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO
  • Human Medicines
  • Asia

We are a Solution Provider to the International Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry since 1992. More »


Logo GlobalData
  • Consulting - strategy and development
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Europe, North America, Asia

By offering you integrated business intelligence solutions, together with the most advanced analytics for your industry and the combined expertise of over 700 market analysts, you can improve your business strategies based on relevant, reliable and actionable insights. Whatever your intelligence requirements, we have a smart intelligence platform, detailed research report or team of dedicated intelligence consultant analysts ready and waiting to offer you the solutions you need to grow your enterprise. More »

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