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  • Pre-clinical development and testing, pre-clinical CRO
  • Human Medicines
  • North America

The company is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in nonhuman primate (NHP) and small animal research. Through a commitment to investment and excellence,  the company strives to offer the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries unparalleled quality in both science and service.. More »


Logo Teradata
  • eData - IT - software
  • Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia & New Zealand

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the global leader in data warehousing and analytic technologies that make smart companies smarter. More »

Genesis HealthCare System

Logo Genesis HealthCare System
  • Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO
  • Human Medicines
  • North America

The company was created in 1997. More »

Laboratory Validation Specialists

  • Quality management services
  • Human Medicines
  • North America

More »

Xavier University of Louisiana

Logo Xavier University of Louisiana
  • Analytical laboratory and testing services
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • North America

Nationally, and particularly in Louisiana, there are significant disparities between Caucasians and African Americans with regard to Cancer incidence and mortality. African Americans have the highest mortality rate of any racial and ethnic group for most major cancers, making it a major health and human concern.  Xavier’s NIH funded Center for Health Disparities is committed to continuing to hire not only Cancer oriented faculty, but also faculty who can inform and extend this base through epidemiological studies in health disparities as well as assist in translating discoveries into clinical use. We propose to use RCMI funds to build on Xavier’s momentum in the area of cancer research. Support provided by NIH 1G12RR026260. More »

Effective Research Inc.

Logo Effective Research Inc.
  • Formulation development and drug delivery
  • Human Medicines
  • North America

We are a full-service Contract Research Organization. We provide the finest Phase I to IV clinical development services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies in most major therapeutic areas. More »

Premier Research Institute

Logo Premier Research Institute
  • Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO
  • Human Medicines
  • North America

We are involved in multiple areas of “cutting edge” research including Alzheimer’s disease, headache, attention deficit disorder and depression. The founders have a history of clinical research experience since 1983. The institute was built on a dream of providing innovative neurological solutions and therapy by conducting clinical research studies. More »

Anderson & Collins Clinical Research, Inc.

Logo Anderson & Collins Clinical Research, Inc.
  • Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO
  • Human Medicines
  • North America

We are a privately owned and operated investigational site specializing in phase II, III and IV clinical trials for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Founded in 1995, We operate as an independent investigational site established solely to conduct clinical trials in a broad array of medical specialties. More »

SeroScience Ltd.

Logo SeroScience Ltd.
  • Analytical laboratory and testing services
  • Human Medicines
  • Europe

We specialize in immune toxicity evaluation of intravenous drugs, biologicals, nanodrugs and contrast media, with special expertise in the prediction of complement-mediated pseudoallergic infusion reactions. More »

Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC

Logo Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
  • Analytical laboratory and testing services
  • Human Medicines
  • North America, South America

We are is a full service, GMP and ISO 17025 accredited, contract laboratory providing chemistry and microbiology testing services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biopharmaceutical industries. The company began servicing the life sciences industry in 2003 with the purchase of the San German, Puerto Rico laboratory. In April 2007, we greatly expanded the life sciences service offerings when the assets of P3 Scientific were purchased. P3 Scientific had been the dedicated contract laboratory to 3M's Pharmaceutical Division since 1996. More »

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